DJ Jules

Station Manager

Jules has been DJing since 1974 some would say a seasoned veteran he is also an established Paranormal investigator who is no stranger to TV working with (channel 4He has travelled all over the world summoning the spirits. and also ran several  established music venues here in the UK. 

He broke his back very badly and has twice recovered from the big C. He will tell you that he is falling apart disgracefully but his strength and drive suggest otherwise. 

It was Jules that had the vision to set up Britannia Radio in 2020 during the height of the Pandemic. This is typical of Jules and his ability to do something constructive during a time where the world feels like its falling apart.

His vision is to bring great music to the masses and introduce the listener to lots of new bands and artists. Here you will find all different types of shows from our different DJs all of which bring in their own flavour to Britannia Radio.

Please join and support us as we grow and who knows what the future will bring but we will be with you every step of the way. xx



60s Hour with DJ Jules


70s Hour with Dj Jules


Steve Roses Mix Tape 


Electro Hour with DJ Jules


Classic Rock with DJ Jules


The Steve Roses Hour (repeat)

Britannia Rules Radio is a 24/7 service and we are slowly building the roster. Various shows from our big library are played to fill all other hours.


Steve Roses

Presenter & Station Co-Manager

Steve Roses is a Scottish singer songwriter that also runs Indigo Productions with Tony which you can find here on Britanniarules. He had a recording contract a few years back and released several EP's and music videos.


He now fronts two mighty bands The Absolute Stone Roses

and also The Madchester Experience and tours all over the country with his two bands. 

He has worked alongside the likes of Thomas Turgoose (Shaun from This is England) and Bez from The Happy Mondays.

Steve met Jules during playing shows at one of his venues where they hit it off and instantly became friends. 

You will find Steve here on Britannia Radio on a Sunday night usually with a 90's indie hour and the occasional one off special. MAD FOR IT!!!


Fanny Bushe

International Superstar

Star of Stage and Screen, (also straight to video) The Wonderful Ms Bushe brings her toxic style and venomous mouth to Britannia Rules Radio. And of course we are all sort of happy to welcome her aboard. Save us All!